PwC Saratoga 2023 benchmarking survey results
The top four workforce trends
PwC Saratoga 2023 benchmarking survey results

The demands of the workforce remain a top priority for business leaders — and many are taking bold actions to reinvent their approaches to work. Hiring and retention are the primary catalysts driving organizational growth, with executives strategically adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of the business landscape.

To navigate these challenges successfully, organizations should stay ahead with invaluable knowledge, strategies and foresight.

Read the PwC Saratoga 2023 benchmarking results eBook to learn:

  • Turnover rates by industry
  • How organizations have adapted talent acquisition strategies to attract and retain top talent in an evolving hiring landscape
  • How different industries are addressing DEI initiatives 
  • Promotion, turnover and representation for minority groups across industries
  • Industry expectations for employees returning to the workplace

As turnover and retention rates start to settle, there’s hope for workforce stability and growth. Organizations can drive their workforce decisions with invaluable insights and peer comparisons.
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